Sunday Drive

de José Miguel Ribeiro


The Idalécio family is about to implode. They make a claustrophobic ride across the city to come upon a river mirage. Anti-fishing, radio-soccer, the 1000 discussion, crumpled children, the mother-in-law gun-mouth. Another pregnancy. Everything is against them. Day of road accident, day of separation, day of tie hearts with dead knots.


2009 / 21' / 35 mm - 1,85 - Couleur
Réalisation: José Miguel Ribeiro / Scénario: Virgilio Almeida / Producteur: Folimage, il Luster Productions, S.O.I.L, Zeppelin Filmes / Direction de la photographie: Marijke Van Kets, Sara Sponga, Elke Dams, Jean-Pierre Chaligné / Création graphique: José Miguel Ribeiro, Francisco Xavier Menezes /Animation: Elmer Kaan, Marike Verbiest, Maurice Hoeven, Kristien Vanden Bussche / Montage: Joao Champlon / Son: Jeroen Nadorp / Musique: Bernardo Devlin